Recently I spent 10 days in the Wye Valley with some incredible women. We were being trained as teachers of Ecstatic Awakening Dance. It was such a joy to be dancing, laughing, crying and transforming in a safe container with people who had such a deep passion for music and dance. New revelations abounded as I dove deep in to the process, big shifts happening for me personally and professionally. We were nourished by the lush green nature of an organic permaculture farm in the glorious sunshine of early April while being fed with love and gorgeous nutritious food.

I love dancing! Dancing is when I feel my connection to source most deeply. As a child I used to dance on my own in nature. Over time I soon lost touch with that part of myself and it wasn’t until my early twenties that I really started to enjoy the dance again. Usually fuelled by drugs and alcohol I would be the one beside the speakers, losing myself in the music, reaching other planes of existence. This however was unsustainable.

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It was a couple of years after leaving Scotland that I discovered Sufi zikr. It was practising this that gave me a deep desire to commune to source through movement consciously. I have tried various dance methods since that time, but it was discovering Trance Dance that truly brought me back home to myself and the joy of dancing. Being able to dance exactly how my body feels to move is one of the most liberating experiences of my life. Unable to see due to being blindfolded allows you to get in touch with your other senses and truly move down in to your body, feeling your way.

Osho active meditations have also been a huge gift for getting in to the body and out of the twittering mind. They have been incredibly transforming in my own practise and are often given to me by my spirit guides as prescriptions for my clients after healing work has taken place. Osho Kundalini Meditaiton and Nataraj are two wonderful examples.

Ecstatic Awakening Dance is like a combination of Trance Dance and an active meditation. There are 5 stages during an EAD session, including a warm up and shake before letting go in to the ecstatic dance, then dropping in to silence and grounding to finish off. It can release blocks and stuck emotions allowing them to move and be released. It is a truly transforming process, whilst having a great dance. You do not wear a blindfold during EAD.
I have been so inspired by my EAD Teacher, Rebecca Hanscombe and my fellow class mates. I have come away from my training full of passion and energy once more. I am ready to share the joy of dance with others.

For a few years now I have been talking about organising a barefoot boogie type dance….just coming for a dance…no alcohol, no drugs…just dance. Leave your shoes at the door and enjoy! Conscious Clubbing. One thing after another got in my way or my resistance crept in. The energy for this is back. I will be starting this next month with some friends. Yippee!

I will be starting my Ecstatic Awakening Dance monthly class at the end of June with a free taster session and we will have our first Dance Friday barefoot dance on 5th June in Lyme Regis. I am also in the planning stages for leading a Trance Dance in July. Sign up to my newsletter to be kept informed of future dates. Click here for more details

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